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How to download Student Guides from Metalink

Log on to Oracle Metalink  Select the tab:  Patches and Updates Select the link:  Advanced Search Product or Product Family:  Oracle Tutor Release: - Select  Applications 11i  for 11i courseware or model documents - Select  Applications R12  for Apps Unlimited or R12 model documents, R12 courseware, and the latest Author & Publisher software Platform or Language: (*** if you do not select the correct platform, you will not see any patches for Tutor ***) - For Tutor 12 software and documentation patches, select  Microsoft Windows (32-bit) - For Tutor 11 document patches, select  Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Client Patch Type:  Any Description: Enter one of the following  COURSEWARE  or  MODEL DOCUMENTS  or  SOFTWARE  to narrow the search for a particular type of patch. If you want to see all Tutor patches, leave this field blank. Leave the remaining fields blank. Select  GO