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Query to find he List of Project Expenditure Organizations

Query to find the List of Project Expenditure Organizations Information - SELECT   hrorg . organization_id ,         hrorg . business_group_id ,         hrorg . NAME ,         hrorg . date_from ,         hrorg . date_to ,         'Y' ,         org_id FROM     hr_organization_units   hrorg ,         pa_all_organizations   paorg WHERE    paorg . organization_id   =   hrorg . organization_id         AND   paorg . pa_org_use_type   =   'EXPENDITURES'         AND   paorg . inactive_date   IS   NULL  

FAQs on Oracle Requisition Change Order(RCO)

1. Can I change or cancel a requisition placed in a purchase order or release?  A:   Requester can change or cancel a requisition if the purchase order or release is approved. Check iProcurement  Implementation Guide - section Requisition Changes - Implementation Considerations  for details and exceptions. 2. Why is Purchase Order approved but preparer/requester can not change the requisition? A. Check if function View My Reqs Change Order is excluded in the responsibility. Also, check in the Purchasing Responsibility  > Setup > Purchasing > Document Type > Purchase Requisition if the flags are checked for Owner Can Change. 3. Can the Requester change the requisition with emergency Purchase Order?   A: If the purchase order is approved and there is no menu or function exclusions and the owner can change the document, then the Requester can initiate the change request process.  4. How can I restrict the approval process while executing the cha

iExpense – How To Enter Internet Expense Reports For Other Persons

This feature is called “Authorized Delegate”. To have the ability to enter expense reports, withdraw expense reports, etc. for other individuals, do the following: Authorization Preferences (Self-Service Delegate Assignment)  Users can now maintain their own list of authorized delegates in the Expenses Preferences page. An authorized delegate is someone who has the authority to enter expense reports on another user’s behalf.   Method-2: Choose Internet Expenses Responsibility -> Navigate to Access Authorization Expenses Entry Delegations: The people in this list can enter expense reports for you. They can also view all of your previously submitted expense reports.Expenses Entry Delegations can be granted by you to another person Expenses Entry Permissions  You can enter expense reports for the people in this list. You can also view all of their previously submitted expense Expenses Entry Permissions must be granted to you by

Query to find Purchase Requisition Document Security Controls

SELECT   * FROM     po_document_types_all WHERE    document_type_code   =   'REQUISITION'         AND   document_subtype   =   'PURCHASE'   Query to find Hierarchy Security Level information SELECT   ( SELECT   full_name          FROM     hr_employees          WHERE    employee_id   =   peh . employee_id )   employee_name ,         ( SELECT   full_name          FROM     hr_employees          WHERE    employee_id   =   peh . superior_id )   supervisor_name FROM     po_employee_hierarchies_all   peh