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How to Remove/Disable OA Framework Personalizations

However, after creating the personalization, the page is no longer accessible and you need to back-out or remove this personalization to allow access to the page. There are a few methods to remove the 'faulty' personalization from the OA Framework page. Introduction: Before starting to delete personalizations it's useful to understand some background how these are stored in Applications. All page definitions for OAF pages are stored as (XML) document in the MDS repository (located in the database). The reference to this is a document name with following format: /oracle/apps/<product>/<subcategories>/<pagename> For example the Home Page document name is: /oracle/apps/fnd/framework/navigate/webui/HomePG When creating personalizations in the OAF page the above mentioned document is not changed. Instead a separate document is created in the MDS repository containing the personalization(s) done. For each 'level' of personalizatio