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Steps To Prevent The 'CC Manager' Notification Being Sent To The Supervisor Of The Preparer when using AME for Expense Report Approvals

When we use AME for Expense Report approvals, When an authorized delegate submits an expense report for another employee, the 'AME Approval Process/CC Direct Manager' sends a FYI notification t to the supervisor of the preparer. This is a new feature introduced in R12.1.3 as part of RUP4. This is a good feature from a manager perspective to track the activities performed by all the employees reporting to him. But some companies don't like this feature depends upon their business needs. Here are the steps to follow to disable this extra notification -  Method1 :Download the workflow file and modify the WF attribues 1. Open the APEXP.wft file and double click on 'IS_MANAGER_IN_THE_APPR_PROCESS' Process 2. Click on the Node Attributes and here we have an attribute named 'CC Direct Manager Notification'. 3. Update the value to No, save the workflow file to the database. 4. Bounce the workflow listeners as well as the mid-tier servers.  M

Logic for Oracle Expense Reports 'Invoice' Date

Once the Expense Repot is converted to Invoice using the standard 'Expense Report Export Program' The invoice date  is  nothing but  'week_end_date' column populated on the ap_expense_report_headers_all table. Below is the logc used behing the screens to populate 'week_end_date' 1) If Expense Report Header is just entered and saved, the Expesne report header entry day will be the week_end_date 2) While entering an expense report line, you can select date on the expense report line: which is stored as expese_start_date 3) Also in the details when you enter No of days: expense_end_date will be calculated as expese_start_date+no.of.days 4) Once the expense_end_Date is populated, the weekend_date on the expense report header or Invoice_date, is nothing but the maximum value of the expense_end_Date of all lines.