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Under-utilized features of Email Communication for Purchase Orders

Communicating Purchase Orders to suppliers as PDF documents via email has been around for quite some time but there are some features that I find are under-utilized and are often not presented to customers.   For example, did you know that you can have every PO copied to a generic email address?  What about attaching documents to the email such as Terms and Conditions or any other files? Create a backup copy of PO Communication email Oracle has the capability to send a copy of the email communicating the PO to supplier by sending a copy of the email to an internal email address.  This provides you the ability to forward a copy of the email if the supplier did not receive the original copy.  The backup copy of the email can also be used for internal reference. Use the profile option PO: Secondary Email Address to identify the email address to which the copy of the purchase order should be sent.  Typically organizations set up a generic address such as purchasi

How to Communicate a PO to Multiple Supplier Email Adresses

Before 11.5.10, the E-mail Notification supports multiple E-mail addresses as long as the combined addresses list is no longer than 60 characters. The E-mail addresses need to be separated by commas. As a workaround the supplier may setup a distribution list address, including all the single E-mail addresses that would receive the E-mail. We were able to use  only a single e-mail address when using the feature to mail during the approval process .   The use of commas to separate multiple addresses is no longer supported in 11.5.10 or Release 12. Refer to Note: 333719.1 11.5.10: Not Able To Send Multiple E-Mails Upon Approval Of Purchase Order for details.   When attempting to set an email address for a supplier site to multiple email addresses the following error occurs:       Error     Row 1 Email - Please enter a valid Email Address.    As of now, the following workarounds are available :  1. Using Professional Buyer Work Center in R12, where you can ment

How to Enable Missing Communicate Option in PO Summary

How to enable the missing Communicate option in PO Summary: (M) Tools ? To enable Communicate option in PO Summary, PDF printing should be implemented; 1. Set PO Output Format to PDF Setup > Organizations > Purchasing Options, Control tab 2. Populate Document Type Layout = Standard Purchase Order Stylesheet Setup > Purchasing > Document Types 3. Then from Purchase Order Summary query the PO.  In the Purchase Order Headers window Tools>Communicate can now be chosen Reference :  Communication Methods In Oracle Purchasing (Doc ID 556099.1)

Oracle Vacation Delegation and Worklist Access Functionality

 Most transactions generated in the Oracle Procurement System must be approved by a person(s) with appropriate spending authority before they are considered complete. Oracle uses workflow to manage the transaction approval process. There is a feature in Oracle that allows you to delegate or share your approval workflows. Oracle Procurement allows both Vacation Rules(Delegation) and Worklist access . Vacation Rules - Delegate/Redirect or auto-respond to notifications.     i.e., Selecting someone to act on your behalf for a specified period of time  during your vacation.                 Worklist Access - Specify which users can view and act upon your notifications.    i.e., The ability to give someone access to your worklist, to allow colleagues with similar authority to act for each other at any time, or for emergency back up. See the following pages for step-by-step instructions (including screen shots) to help you: - View and Maintain Vacation Rules (temporary d