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Query to find the Rejected and In Process POs

SELECT   pha . segment1 ,         pha . authorization_status ,         pha . creation_date ,         pha . last_update_date ,         ( SELECT   pa . segment1          FROM     apps . pa_projects_all   pa          WHERE    pa . project_id   =   pda . project_id )   project_name ,         ( SELECT   task_name          FROM     apps . pa_tasks   pt          WHERE    pt . project_id   =   pda . project_id                 AND   pt . task_id   =   pda . task_id )     task_name FROM     apps . po_headers_all   pha ,         apps . po_lines_all   pla ,         apps . po_distributions_all   pda WHERE    pha . po_header_id   =   pla . po_header_id         AND   pla . po_line_id   =   pda . po_line_id         AND   pha . last_update_date   >   sysdate   -   60         AND   pha . authorization_status   IN   (   'IN PROCESS' ,   'REJECTED'   ) ORDER    BY   last_update_date   DESC  

Grouping of Requisitions to PO During Auto Create

We have 2 Options for Grouping while Auto Creating the Requisition to Purchase Order. Default:  Combine requisition lines for the same item, revision, line type, unit of measure, supplier item number, and transaction reason onto one purchase order line. Additionally, we can add need-by date or ship-to organization and location to the default grouping by using the profiles       a) PO: Use Need-by Date for Default Autocreate grouping and       b) PO: Use Ship-to Organization and Location for Default Autocreate grouping. Requisition: Create document with one line for each requisition line. Used only when you select lines on a single requisition. We can also control the values (Default or Requisition) using a Profile PO: Default Requisition Grouping

Query to verify the locked session on a Table

Query to verify the locked session on WF_NOTIFICATIONS Table SELECT do.owner,        do.object_name,        do.object_type,        dl.session_id,        vs.serial#,        vs.program,        vs.machine,        vs.osuser FROM   dba_locks dl,        dba_objects do,        v$session vs WHERE  do.object_name = 'WF_NOTIFICATIONS'        AND do.object_type = 'TABLE'        AND dl.lock_id1 = do.object_id        AND vs.sid = dl.session_id;