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How to Create Purchase Orders

How to Create Purchase Orders Purchasing provides the Purchase Orders window that you can use to enter Standard and Planned purchase orders as well as Blanket and Contract purchase agreements. You must be defined as a buyer to use this window. 1.   Navigate to the Purchase Orders window from the menu: by selecting the New PO button in the Find Purchase Orders window or any of its results windows by selecting the Open button in any of the Find Purchase Order results windows by selecting the Open button and then double-clicking the Open Documents icon in the Notifications Summary window when the current line is a purchase order if the PO: Display the AutoCreated Document profile option is set to Yes, Purchasing opens the Purchase Orders window when you have completed AutoCreation of a purchase order. See: Profile Options in Purchasing.       The upper part of the Purchase Orders window has the following display-only fields: Created - The system date is displayed a

How to Default Descriptive Flexfield Data From Requisition Header To Requisition Line?

Issue :  If we have set up additional information in a Descriptive Flexfield at the Requisition Header level, is it possible to automatically default these values down to the Line level, for example to the PO_REQ_DISTRIBUTIONS table? Solution: As the Requisitions form has blocks which simultaneously contain the current Requisition Header, Line and Distribution information, it is possible to reference Desc Flex Field columns across different blocks. Please try the following method in a test instance: 1. Query the Requisition Header DFF definition.     In this example we will assume that the data to be populated in the child row is      in the ATTRIBUTE12 DFF column. 2. Responsibility: Purchasing Super User     Navigation: Setup > Flexfields > Descriptive > Segments       Click F11 and populate the Title field with "Requisition Distributions"       Ctr+F11 to execute query       Click Segments and get the relevant Segment, say ATT