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Query to find whether a product is installed/licensed or not.

Lists all products and their Installation Status SELECT   fat . application_name ,           fa . application_id ,           fpi . patch_level ,           Decode ( fpi . status ,   'I' ,   'Licensed' ,                              'N' ,   'Not Licensed' ,                              'S' ,   'Shared' ,                              'Undetermined' )   STATUS   FROM     fnd_product_installations   fpi ,           fnd_application   fa ,           fnd_application_tl   fat   WHERE    fpi . application_id   =   fa . application_id           AND   fat . application_id   =   fa . application_id           AND   fat . language   =   'US' ;   Query to find the Short Name for a Particular Application SELECT   application_short_name ,           application_id   FROM     fnd_application_vl   WHERE    application_name   LIKE   '%Payables%'   Query to find Installation Status of a Particular Product SELECT   fat . appl

Decommission of Oracle Application Login Page Personalizations from R12.2.5 onwards

As per Oracle, Personalizations on Local Login Page No longer applies for 12.2.5, it is applicable till 12.2.4 only and please find the suggestion made by Oracle for one of the customer. Starting on 12.2.5 the login page is no longer a FWK page. Some customer have asked how to retain the old FWK login page and its customizations. Below is the alternative provided in Oracle eBusiness security Guide Documentation –  1)     In case you want to retain the old page, make a copy of the old AppsLocalLogin.jsp (version 120.12); for example to OldAppsLogin.jsp and compile it.               $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ --compile -s <specific_jsp>.jsp --flush 2)     Then set the profile APPS_LOCAL_LOGIN_URL = http://server:port/OA_HTML/OldAppsLogin.jsp         NOTE: - Do not to modify AppsLocalLogin.jsp, login.js nor login.css - Use of customer owned page by changing the profile APPS_LOCAL_LOGIN_URL - Add custom JavaScript on custom-login.js - Chan

How to query service contracts tables and tables from other schemas to find underlying data about contract headers, lines, sublines and contract billing in R12.

This article provides a variety of queries which can be used to find the required data for a particular contract. In the SQL statements given, <xxx> represents text that needs to be replaced with the actual values indicated between the brackets. For example, if you want to execute a query for a contract with number Test1, then whenever you see <contract number> in the SQL below, replace it with Test1. Sections in this article are: A. Contract Header Data B. Contract Line Data C. Contract Subline Data D. Contract Billing Data E. Receivables Interface Data F. Subscription Contracts A. Contract Header Data SELECT   *   FROM     okc_k_headers_all_b   WHERE    contract_number   LIKE   '<contract number>' ;   B. Contract Line Data  Note: in OKC_K_LINES_B the chr_id field is only populated with the contract header id for contract lines. For contract sublines, this value is NULL.  Dnz_chr_id is populated with the contract head