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Query to find if the Expense Report Preparer and Award Manager are Same

SELECT   Decode ( Count ( * ) ,   0 ,   'false' ,                          'true' ) FROM     apps . ap_expense_report_headers_all WHERE    report_header_id   =   :transactionId         AND   employee_id   IN   ( SELECT   ap_web_ame_pkg . Getawardmanagerid ( award_id ,                                    sysdate )                             FROM     apps .   ap_exp_report_dists_all   dist                             WHERE    report_header_id   =   :transactionId                                    AND   rownum   =   1                                    AND   award_id   IS   NOT   NULL )  

Budgetary Controls Overview - Metalink Notes

Budgetary Control: Functional Overview (Doc ID 817974.1) In Release 12 What Are The Budgetary Control Funds Checking STATUS_CODE Values ? (Doc ID 744646.1) Budgetary Control And Funds Check in Projects R12: A Case Study Using a Non-Integrated Budget (Doc ID 1314706.1)   Budgetary Control Results Explanation (Doc ID 1919510.1) R11i/12: PO: FAQs - Encumbrance Accounting - Setup And Usage (Doc ID 1086669.1)

What is Difference Between Complex Purchase Order and Standard Purchase Order?

Oracle Services Procurement – Complex Purchase Orders – Oracle Services Procurement is part of Oracle Advanced Procurement Suite and provides state-of-the-art functionalities to strategically procure services that deals with various procurement aspects such as Prepayment, Retainage etc. In addition to the Temporary Labor Procurement functionality, Oracle Services Procurement helps us to significantly improve the Lumpsum and Milestone type procurement activities through Complex Purchase Orders. Following Points to be noted in relation to Complex Purchase Orders: • Complex Purchase Orders can be created, updated and viewed using Buyer Work Centre only. • The Schedules/Shipments for the standard purchase orders is called as “Pay Items” in the complex purchase orders. • There are 3 types of Pay Items available in the complex purchase orders as – Milestone, Lumpsum and Rate. Availability of the pay items for selection in the buyer work center depends on the line type an

Query to find Requisition Time-out Reminder Notification Values

SELECT   pa . process_item_type ,           pa . process_name ,           pa . process_version ,           pa . activity_item_type ,           pa . activity_name ,           aav . value_type ,           aav . text_value ,           aav . number_value   FROM     apps . wf_process_activities   pa ,           apps . wf_activity_attr_values   aav   WHERE    pa . process_item_type   =   'REQAPPRV'           AND   aav . process_activity_id   =   pa . instance_id           AND   aav . NAME   =   '#TIMEOUT'    Note: The Timeout Value will be appear in seconds, convert into days to know the value setup in workflow.