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OAF Personalization & Migration

I) OAF Personalization –

Objective – Make a field read only through personalization
Bean Name – Search Published Negotiations available on Sourcing Page
1)      Open the page where personalization is required and Click on Personalize Page link available on right top of the page

2)      Check for the target bean and click the pencil symbol
3)      Check for the read only property 
4)       Set the property value for Read Only = TRUE at Responsibility level and press apply button.
5)      Return to Application and check the personalized bean 

         II) Migration of OAF Personalization –

Responsibility Purchasing Super User 
Personalized the header detail of supplier page to make fields read only

2       Check the personalization from back end


** 2007 – Responsibility ID

     Check the xml code generated by system for personalization

     <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<customization xmlns="" version="" xml:lang="en-US" customizes="/oracle/apps/pos/supplier/webui/QuickUpdatePG">
      <modify element="SupplierName" readOnly="true"/>

      Save the above xml code as QuickUpdatePG.xml
     Create the below files structure at your local disk and place the QuickUpdatePG.xml in 2007/

    Create another folder under responsibility named 2008 for responsibility Payables Manager and place the QuickUpdatePG.xml

    Zip the xxXXX folder to
     Place the file and install script ( to unix box
     Execute script - with following parameters
1)      APPS username
2)      APPS pwd
3)      DB IP Address – Host Name
4)      DB Port Number
5)      DB SID
6)      Responsibility Id – Target Responsibility Id
7)      Log File Name

POST Successful execution of Install script -

Responsibility XXX Co Payables Manager –

10)   Check the personalization from back end


** 2008– Responsibility ID for XXX Co Payables Manager

11)   Check the xml code generated by system for personalization

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<customization xmlns="" version="" xml:lang="en-US" customizes="/oracle/apps/pos/supplier/webui/QuickUpdatePG">
      <modify element="SupplierName" readOnly="true"/>

12)   Sometime personalization does not reflect immediate to the target responsibility. Please
Logout and login again to application. Open the Page, click on personalization link.
Click on pencil symbol for any personalized item check the field value and press apply. 

  III) OA Personalization using Functional Administrator Responsibility

a)      Login to Application
b)      Select Functional Administrator Responsibility
c)       Click the Personalization Tab then Application Catalog
d)      Give the complete path with page name in Document Path field and press Go

e)      If there exist any personalization It has Personalized = Yes otherwise No.
f)       To do any personalization on this page click the pencil icon on Personalize Page, It will navigate you to same page as you click on personalization link on this page
g)      Using Manage Personalization pencil icon, you can delete or activate/deactivate the existing personalization.

Import Export of OA Personalization –
1)      Set the path to profile FND: Personalization Document Root Path (path where the exported personalization will reside)
2)      Click on Import/Export link followed by Personalization Repository link
3)      Search for your personalization and select those need to be exported
4)      Click Export To File System button
5)      Personalized file ( with xml extn) with full repository structure exported to given path

6)      To import the existing personalization place the xml file with complete file structure to the root path defined
7)      For single file import select the check box or directly check the root path for all files and click Import From File System.

SQL Script to Delete Personalization –



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