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Key Tables in Oracle Projects.

Here is a brief description of the key tables in Oracle Projects.

Table Description
PA_PROJECTS_ALL It stores the highest units of work defined in Oracle Projects.
PA_PROJECT_ASSETS_ALL It contains assets information defined for capital projects.
PA_PROJECT_ASSIGNMENTS It stores details of all Assignments for a project.
PA_PROJECT_CLASSES It contains the class codes of class categories that are used to classify projects.
PA_PROJECT_ROLE_TYPES Implementation-defined responsibilities or positions assigned to employees on projects are stored here.
PA_PROJECT_STATUSES It stores valid project status codes.
PA_PROJECT_TYPES_ALL It stores implementation-defined project classifications that supply default information and drive some project processing.
PA_TASKS It contains user-defined subdivisions of project work.
PA_TASK_TYPES It stores implementation-defined classifications of task.
PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL It is an interface table to import transactions from external sources into Oracle Projects.
PA_TRANSACTION_SOURCES It stores implementation-defined sources of imported transactions originating in an external system.
PA_IMPLEMENTATIONS_ALL It contains information about the configuration of an Oracle Projects installation.
PA_ACTION_SETS It stores action set templates as well as action sets belonging to an object, such as projects, requirements, etc.
PA_ACTION_SET_LINES It stores action set lines that belong to an action set or an action set template.
PA_ACTION_SET_TYPES It stores attributes of action set types.
PA_AGREEMENTS_ALL It has customer contracts that serve as the basis for work authorization.
PA_AGREEMENT_TYPES Implementation-defined classifications of customer agreements.
PA_BILL_RATES_ALL Information about bill rates and markups of standard bill rate schedules.
PA_BUDGETS It stores budgets information.
PA_BUDGET_LINES It stores detail lines of project and task budgets.
PA_BUDGET_TYPES It contains implementation-defined classifications of types of budgets used for different business purposes.
PA_CLASS_CATEGORIES It stores implementation-defined categories for classifying projects.
PA_CLASS_CODES It stores implementation-defined values within class categories that can be used to classify projects.
PA_EVENTS It stores entries assigned to tasks that generate revenue and/or billing but are not directly related to expenditure items.
PA_EVENT_TYPES It stores implementation-defined classifications of events.
PA_EXPENDITURES_ALL Groups of expenditure items incurred by employees or organizations for an expenditure period.
PA_EXPENDITURE_CATEGORIES Implementation-defined groupings of expenditure types by type of cost.
PA_EXPENDITURE_ITEMS_ALL It contains the smallest units of expenditure charged to projects and tasks.
PA_EXPENDITURE_TYPES Implementation-defined classifications of expenditures charged to projects and tasks.
PA_PERIODS_ALL Implementation-defined periods against which project performance is measured.
PA_RBS_DENORM This table stores normalized resource breakdown structure information.
PA_RBS_ELEMENTS This table stores the RBS element information and the parent-child relationship.
PA_RESOURCES It contains resources used in budgeting and project summary amounts.
PA_ROLE_LISTS It stores lists of roles defined with the system.
PA_SCHEDULES It displays the schedule details for requirements and assignments. It also displays calendar schedules.


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