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Workflow Notifications - "Override Email address" Functionality

Background :

      Very often on a Oracle Apps Test or Development environment, you would like all the Workflow Email notifications to be sent to one temporary email address instead of the original users to avoid confusion and to avoid filling the users mail box with Test data. Some companies will setup a temporary mail box and give access to the consultants.

Please  find the steps required to assign a temporary email address. This is much needed when testing Oracle Workflows based applications and especially time out reminder notifications.

These steps have been tried and tested on R12 environment.

Note: Please do not try these steps on Production Environment. Hopefully DBA only will have access to it :)


Step 1 : Login to  Workflow Administrator > Oracle Applications Manager > Workflow Manager

Step 2 : Ensure that Notification Mailer is running, and then click on icon as below

 Step 3 : Click on the Notification Mailer > View Details

Step 4 : Click on "Set Override Address

Step 5 : You can enter an email ID to which you want to send all workflow Notifications and submit. (Note: you can also change it any time.)

You will receive a verification code, just enter it here and click on apply.

 You can verify the same Override Address using the below SQL:

select fscpv.parameter_value test_address
from   fnd_svc_comp_params_tl fscpt
,      fnd_svc_comp_param_vals fscpv
,      fnd_svc_components fsc
where  fscpt.parameter_id = fscpv.parameter_id
and    fscpv.component_id = fsc.component_id
and    fscpt.display_name = 'Test Address'
and    fsc.component_name = 'Workflow Notification Mailer';

Workflow Notification Mailer Outbound SMTP Server

We can get the Outbound SMTP Server Name using the below SQL:

select fscpv.parameter_value smtp_server_name
from   fnd_svc_comp_params_tl fscpt
,      fnd_svc_comp_param_vals fscpv
,      fnd_svc_components fsc
where  fscpt.parameter_id = fscpv.parameter_id
and    fscpv.component_id = fsc.component_id
and    fscpt.display_name = 'Outbound Server Name'
and    fsc.component_name = 'Workflow Notification Mailer';


  1. Hi Sreekanth,
    Excellent article.. Please can you tell me if this email override functionality is also applicable to Alert emails such that even the Alert emails will go to a test email instead of to users /vendors/customers etc.Or is your solution only applicable to Workflow notifications..

  2. Hi Syma Iqbal,

    Thanks for your feedback... Yes, this setup will work even for alerts as well as alerts will also uses the Workflow Notifications Mailer. Also, you can see the alert notifications in wf_notifications table.


  3. Hi Sreekanth,
    This is an Excellent article.please can you clarify me one doubt.I have a requirement i.e,notification has send to one person to approve/reject ,Also at the same time I have to send email to same person about notification..I have done with notification but I am not aware to send email..please help me..Thanks In advance.

  4. Thanks Anji babu. So, if I understand correctly you want to send 2 Notifications to a person -

    a) One for Approval or Rejection
    b) Another is FYI Notification about the Previous Approval or Rejection

    If you want to remind the Approver by sending a FYI Notification about it after a certain time, you can create an Alert based on the original notification information and status.

    If you are aware of GRC(Governance Risk and Compliance) module and if your client has license for it, you can simply create a flow rule to send a notification.

    Also, If the transaction is for some of the Oracle standard ones, you can leverage AME (Approvals Management Engine) as well.

    If my understanding about the requirement is incorrect, please send a mail to with more details about your requirement.



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