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iProcurement Favorite Charge Accounts

Favorite Charge Accounts

The favorite charge accounts functionality provides the requester the capability to maintain a list of up to 50 frequently used charge accounts on the iProcurement Preferences page. During the checkout process, the requester can access the favorite charge accounts list and use it to automatically complete the charge account information for the items, rather than having to manually enter the charge account information.
Setup Steps
  1. Log in to Oracle iProcurement.
  2. On the Home page, click Preferences in the upper-right corner.
  3. In the Preferences area, click iProcurement Preferences.
  4. Enter Favorite Charge Accounts and a nickname for each account. To add another row, click Add Another Row.
  5. Select a default favorite charge account.
  6. Save the changes.
Function Security
  • Function Security exists to disable the Favorite Charge Account List functionality. The function is called Favorite Charge Accounts. For information about function security setup, see Set Up Function, Menu, and Data Security.
Implementation Considerations
  • The favorite charge account list is the last resort to generate the charge account information for the item. If the Account Generator workflow engine, which includes Employee Default Charge Account and the Commodity-based Accounting Rules, has already been set up, then the favorite charge accounts functionality does not affect it.

  • The requester can add, delete, or modify accounts in the list. A nickname for an account is mandatory, and it must be unique by list. One of the accounts in the list must be selected as the default.

  • The requester can have one favorite charge account list for each responsibility. If the requester has multiple responsibilities, they can choose a favorite charge account list by responsibility. The accounts maintained in one responsibility are not available in the other responsibilities. If the requester has responsibilities that roll up to multiple sets of books with different accounting structures, then the favorite charge accounts list conforms to the respective accounting structures.

  • The favorite charge account functionality does not affect the system profile for Dynamic Insertion of Charge Accounts. If the profile has been turned on, requesters still can create new charge accounts simultaneously in the preferences as well as during the edit lines step of the checkout.

  • A requester can store only valid charge accounts in the favorite charge account list. If a charge account is deactivated in Oracle General Ledger after the requester has already stored it in the favorite charge accounts list, then an error appears when the requester resubmits the iProcurement Preferences page (by clicking Apply Changes). The requester then has the opportunity to edit or delete the charge account in the favorite charge account list. Until the deactivated account is changed, it displays an error if it is used during checkout.


  1. How do you delete account favorites for people that are no longer Oracle users? We have people that are no longer active users, but their alias are still hanging out there in the system.

  2. Hi,

    I am not seeing any issue with inactive users having defult Gl Account. If you can provide any business justification, i will do more research on this.


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